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Scherp Financieel Advies

Truly independent mortgage advice

Scherp Financieel Advies specialises in insurance and mortgage advice in the Groningen area. We are fully independent and do business with all of the Netherlands’ lenders and insurers.

With over ten years’ experience as a mortgage adviser, insurance specialist, and financial adviser, we will always offer your reliable and sound mortgage advice with the most competitive mortgage interest rate and the best customised insurance. 

Together with our Housing Partners, we offer the convenience of having all services under one roof.



All lenders under one roof 

Scherp Financieel Advies is in no way tied to any bank or insurer.

Our customers are our sole clients, we work only for you. By recognising the uniqueness of each customer and listening carefully to your preferences and objectives, we are always able to deliver customised advice. No cutting corners or generic advice, but time and attention for customers is important to us.

Combined with the fact that we can offer all lenders and a wide range of insurers, you can be sure that we will get you the best possible deal. For today, but also for tomorrow. Our aim is to build a lasting relationship with you, so you feel comfortable to entrust your finances to us. 

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Personal and business insurance

Scherp Financieel Advies specialises in insurance in the Groningen area. As we work with a wide range of insurers, we will always offer you a competitive premium and the right terms and conditions. Aside from that, you will have all your policies, irrespective of whether they are with different insurers, in one single insurance package, with one single premium and an attractive package discount.

And this goes for both personal and business insurance. Also when it comes to invalidity insurance, life insurance, pension insurance, income protection, and other relevant insurance issues, we will be happy to sit down with you to go over your options, based on your preferences and drawing on our ample expertise.

We will also be your port of call for any changes to your policies, claims, calculations, and other services. In a nutshell, we truly make life easier for you as a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

With over ten years’ experience, we will always offer you a reliable and sound customised insurance package. Entirely free of charge, we will issue a quote that you can compare to your current policies.

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The team

For over fifteen years, Jeroen Koops van ‘t Jagt has been working as a financial adviser in the mortgage and insurance domain. He is also the person to turn to for advice on life insurance, business insurance, annuities, or other financial advice. For Jeroen, honesty, customer focus, and transparency come first. Find out for yourself in a personal advice meeting with no strings attached.

Expert estate agency partners

Besides our own expertise, we can draw on a large network of expert partners. After all, sound advice needs a professional follow-up. We work together with estate agents, project developers, property management firms, tax consultancies, notaries, divorce mediation providers, pension advice providers, and architectural firms. 

Scherp Financieel Advies is a direct partner of Boekholt & partners and ben-s.nl.


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